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Supervisor Meeting Minutes

 Supervisors Meetings and Minutes


The Board of Supervisors meets the 4th Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Township Building at 1775 New Valley Road, Marysville.

Copies of the meeting minutes are made available here in PDF format. 

To read these minutes, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Get Acrobat Reader buttonThis is a free download from Adobe.  Use the link on the right to visit the Adobe website and download the appropriate version of Acrobat Reader for your computer.


 Supervisors Meeting Minutes

collapse Year : 2022 ‎(5)
22-04-25 Mins.pdf
April Mtg Minutes4/25/2022176 KB
22-03-28 Mins.pdf
March Mtg Minutes3/28/2022168 KB
22-02-28 Minutes.pdf
February Mtg Minutes2/28/2022169 KB
2022-01-24 Mins.pdf
January Mtg. Minutes1/24/2022160 KB
2022 Org Mtg. Mins.pdf
Organization Mtg. Mins1/3/2022179 KB
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(17)
December Mtg Minutes12/13/2021252 KB
2022 Budget.FINAL.pdf
2022 Final Budget11/15/2021328 KB
2021-11-15 Mins.pdf
November Mtg Minutes11/15/2021167 KB
2021-10-25 Mins.pdf
October Mtg Minutes10/25/2021363 KB
Min102121 Budget.pdf
Budget Workshop Mtg10/21/2021161 KB
Min100721 Budget.pdf
Budget Workshop Mtg.10/7/2021158 KB
21-09-27 Mins.pdf
September Mtg. Mins9/27/2021362 KB
21-09-27 Mins Public Hearing.pdf
Sept Public Hearing Minutes9/27/2021105 KB
2021-08-23 Mins.pdf
August Mtg Mins8/23/2021441 KB
2021-07-26 Mins.pdf
July Mtg. Minutes7/26/2021365 KB
2021-06-28 Mins.pdf
June Mtg Minutes6/28/2021370 KB
21-05-24 Mins.pdf
May Mtg. Minutes5/24/2021168 KB
04-26-21 Minutes.pdf
April Mtg. Minutes4/26/2021176 KB
21-03-22 Minutes.pdf
March Mtg Minutes3/22/2021168 KB
21-02-22 Minutes.pdf
February Mtg Minutes2/22/2021167 KB
21-01-25 Minutes.pdf
Jan Mtg Minutes1/25/2021183 KB
Organization Mtg Minutes1/4/2021182 KB
collapse Year : 2020 ‎(15)
2020-12-14 Mins.pdf
Dec Mtg. Mins12/14/2020243 KB
2020-11-16 Mins.pdf
November Mtg Minutes11/16/2020172 KB
20-10-26 Oct Mtg Mins.pdf
October Mtg. Mins10/26/2020369 KB
2020-10-22 mins.Budget.pdf
Budget Mtg Mins10/22/2020148 KB
2020-10-08 Mins.Budget.pdf
Budget Mtg Mins10/8/2020158 KB
2020-09-28 Mins.pdf
September Mtg Mins9/28/2020363 KB
2020-08-24 Mins.pdf
August Mtg Mins8/24/2020553 KB
2020-07-27 Mins.pdf
July Mtg Minutes7/27/2020565 KB
2020-06-22 Mins.pdf
June Mtg Minutes6/22/2020368 KB
20-05-18 Mins.pdf
May Mtg. Minutes5/18/2020187 KB
20-04-27 April Mtg Mins.pdf
April Meeting Mins4/27/2020167 KB
20-04-07 Emerg Mtg Mins.pdf
Emergency Mtg Mins4/7/2020201 KB
2020-02-24 Min.pdf
February Mtg Minutes2/24/2020176 KB
2020-01-27 Mins.pdf
January Mtg Mins1/27/2020166 KB
2020 Org. Mtg Mins1/6/2020178 KB
collapse Year : 2019 ‎(16)
2019-12-16 Mins.pdf
December Mtg Mins12/16/2019245 KB
2019-11-18 Mins.pdf
November Mtg Minutes11/18/2019174 KB
2019-10-28 Mins.pdf
October Mtg Minutes10/28/2019167 KB
2019-10-10 Budget mtg.pdf
Budget Mtg Minutes10/10/2019173 KB
2019-10-04 Budget Mtg.pdf
Budget Mtg Minutes10/4/2019169 KB
2019-09-23 mins.pdf
September Mtg Minutes9/23/2019161 KB
2019-08-26 Mins.pdf
August Mtg Minutes8/26/2019169 KB
2019-07-22 Mins.pdf
July Mtg Minutes7/22/2019169 KB
2019-06-24 Mins.pdf
June Mtg Minutes6/24/2019165 KB
2019-05-20 Minutes.pdf
May Mtg Minutes5/20/2019173 KB
2019-04-22 Mins.pdf
April Mtg. Minutes4/22/2019180 KB
2019-03-25 Mins.pdf
March Minutes3/25/2019178 KB
2019-02-25 Mins.pdf
February Mtg Minutes2/25/2019173 KB
Vacancy Board Mtg Mins.pdf
Vacancy Board Mtg Mins2/19/201975 KB
2019-01-28 Mins.pdf
January Mtg Minutes1/28/2019168 KB
2019-Org.Mtg Mins.pdf
2019 Organization Mtg Mins1/7/2019178 KB
collapse Year : 2018 ‎(16)
2018-12-17 Mins.pdf
December Mtg Mins12/17/2018216 KB
2018-11-19 Mins.pdf
November Mtg Mins11/19/2018173 KB
2018-10-22 Minutes.pdf
October Mtg Minutes10/22/2018169 KB
2018-10-18 Budget Mins.pdf
2018-10-18 Budget Mins10/18/2018143 KB
2018-10-04 Budget.pdf
First Budget Mtg Minutes10/4/2018171 KB
2018-09-24 Mins.pdf
September Mtg Minutes9/24/2018161 KB
2018-08-27 Mins.pdf
August Mtg Minutes8/27/2018173 KB
2018-07-23 Mins.pdf
July Mtg Minutes7/23/2018134 KB
2018-07-02 Special Mtg.pdf
Special Mtg Mins7/2/2018206 KB
2018-06-25 Mins.pdf
Meeting Minutes6/25/2018162 KB
2018-5-21 Mins.pdf
May Mtg Minutes5/21/2018165 KB
2018-04-23 Mins.pdf
April Mtg Minutes4/23/2018172 KB
2018-03-26 Mins.pdf
March Mtg Minutes3/26/2018171 KB
2018-02-26 Mins.pdf
February Mtg Minutes2/26/2018176 KB
2018-01-22 Mins.pdf
Jan Mtg Mins1/22/2018170 KB
2018-Org.Mtg Mins.pdf
Organization Mtg. Mins1/2/2018177 KB