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Building and Zoning Permits

 Building, Zoning, Sewage and Driveway Permits

Zoning and Driveway Permit applications are available at the Township Office.  The Zoning Permit Application is available on line. Click on the link below.  Contact the Township office at (717) 957-2348 for assistance with completion of the application or if you are unsure if you need a permit. 
Sewage Permits are available from Frederick Seibert Associates,(FSA) by Leonard Sizer, the Sewage Enforcement Officer.     Phone:  Lenny Sizer @ (717) 275-2048.
Building & Zoning Permits
As a general rule, building and zoning permits are required for any construction which changes the outside dimensions of an existing structure or adds a new structure including, but not limited to:
  • Pools, both in and above ground with a depth over 24" or 2 feet ( not temporary or seasonal pools)
  • New homes
  • Decks
  • Spas and hot tubs
  • Additions, sun rooms
  • Porch & Porch enclosures
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Pole Buildings
  • Car ports
  • Signs
  • Solar panel installation
  • retaining walls four (4) feet or over
  • In-home businesses
No permits are needed to replace roof shingles or to replace siding, storm doors, and windows.  These are considered routine maintenance and upkeep of the dwelling or structure.

The new Uniform Construction Code (UCC) regulations are now in effect throughout all of Pennsylvania, which includes Rye Township.  All projects greater than 1000 square feet require a permit and inspections from Building Inspection Underwriters (BIU) of New Bloomfield per the Statewide Building Codes.  BIU is the Township's third party inspection agency certified to conduct inspections to insure compliance with the State UCC.
The UCC requires inspections at key stages of the construction process to ensure compliance with the State UCC.  All additions, changes in load bearing walls, and structures over 1,000 square feet, in ground and above ground pools all require permits from BIU in addition to zoning permits from Rye Township.  Contact BIU at (717) 582-4483 for more details.
Rye Township Building Permit processing and inspections is provided by a third party inspection company.
Our Third Party Inspection Services is provided by Building Inspection Underwriters,(BIU).  See page for further information. 

Read the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Statute Concerning the
Uniform Construction Code
By Following the link below.


Zoning, Sewage permits, and driveway permits will also be required before a building permit will be issued for new homes.  Zoning permits are also required on projects requiring a third party inspection agency.  BIU will not issue a building or construction permit until a zoning permit is issued and they are assured the project is in compliance with all local zoning regulations.
Zoning Permits 

Rye Township has a zoning ordinance that restricts usage of properties throughout the Township.  Any activity that requires a Building Permit will also require a Zoning Permit, which assures that the proposed project is in compliance with the Township Zoning Ordinance 11-01, as amended. 
In home businesses also require the issuance of a  zoning permit to assure compliance with the Rye Township Zoning Ordinance 11-01.

Zoning Permits are issued by:

Zoning Enforcement Officer Brian Gilbert.
717-957-2348.  Contact the Township office.

Download the Rye Township Zoning Permit Application here:
Rye Township_Zoning Permit App forms.2019.pdf

Rye Township_Zoning Permit App Checklist.pdf

Or stop by the Township office to pick up an application.  Applications may be placed in the drop off box for after hours pick up. 

Please allow adequate time in advance of construction to submit your application and process it.  Issuance of the permit may take several weeks depending on the completeness of the application submitted, the project involved, and the schedule of the part time Zoning Officer.

Zoning Hearing Board
The Zoning Hearing Board’s primary duty is to hear cases on individual requests pertaining to any possible deviation to the Zoning Ordinance.  This includes variances, special exceptions and appeals to the interpretations of the Zoning Officer. Applications are available at the Township office.  A fee of $750.00 must accompany the application.

Click here to visit the Zoning Hearing Board page.

Sewage Permits

Sewage Permits may be required for both new construction projects and remodeling projects, especially those that include addition of new bedrooms or bathrooms.  Sewage Permits are required for all repairs and replacements.  No permit is required for cleaning or pumping your tank.  However, we request you provide the Township with a copy of the receipt in compliance with the Township's 537 Plan and DEP regulations.  Thank you!


For permit applications or more information, contact:

Sewage Enforcement Officer

Frederick Seibert Associates

5201 Spring Road

Shermans Dale, PA  17040

Leonard Sizer @ cell:  (717) -275-2048

Alternate John Madden

(717) -567-3680

Driveway Permits

A Driveway Permit is required to access Township and State roads. Logging companies creating new accesses off Township roads require temporary use driveway permits. Newly installed driveways must be paved within one year of installation.  Applications are available at the Township office.
Make sure to get your application submitted in a timely manner well in advance of construction.  Please allow sufficient time for applications to be processed and a permit issued. 
The local Part time Driveway Permit Officer is:          Eric Simmons (717) 713-1733

Contact or stop by the Township office for applications.  Applications may be placed in the drop off box (large yellow mailbox) outside the Township office for after hours pick up.

(717) 957-2348 - Township office phone